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In China, Taiwan is the originator of replica watch industry, whether in imitating electronic products or Swiss Watches, Taiwan’s technology can be regarded as a first-rate one. Domestic replica watch industry in China has experienced two decades of grounding, there are more than one hundred watchmaking factories, but their products are only developed out of a production, rather than focus on quality. Domestic well-known manufacturers that make mechanical movements are Beijing Watch Factory, Tianjin Watch Factory and Guangzhou Watch Factory. Basically, general Replica Watches equips with MingZhu movement, which is researched by Guangzhou Watch Factory. Since the sixties, China has begun to research and produce mechanical movement by itself, but the functions are too simple, so Chinese advanced mechanical watches uses Swiss Made MovementsA small tip for you: if somebody sells a 14K or 18K replica Swiss watch under $250, that’s not true, because of upgrading to 14K is $100 more at least, and no body can afford 18K, which may costs $1000 or more.