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In 2006, Panerai introduced a new brand – Ferrari Engineered by Officine Panerai. The cooperation project of Ferrari Watches is designed and developed after having a deep study of Ferrari’s culture and cars. These unique Ferrari Watches completely reflect the style of Ferrari cars. The appearance of Ferrari Watches is strongly affected by aesthetic ideas of Ferrari cars, their streamlined case becomes the focus of appearance design of Ferrari Watches. Polished and satin-finished process are applied alternately to improve the texture of the watch. The movement equipped in Replica Watches is mainly divided into four categories: 1, Swiss ETA movement. Replica Watches that equip with real ETA movements are sold more than 1,000 yuan, in fact, imported ETA movements are not expensive, for example, ETA 2824 is about 600 yuan, 2836 is about 500 yuan and 1200 yuan is needed for ETA 2892. 2, Japanese movement. Like Citizen 82, and Miyota movements are widely used. 3, Seagull movement. It is China made, 80% of the Chinese movement and four percent of the world movement come from Seagull. 4, Guangzhou Mingzhu movement. Those Fake Watches that are sold less than 300 yuan exactly equip with this movement, whose polished condition is rough, or even no polishing, the function is also single, nothing more than some watches with date function. A small tip for you: if websites that sell Replica Watches carry return policy, or if they accept major credit cards, go ahead and order from them.