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The Ferrari Shield Logo with Princing Horse that Scuderia Watch features first appeared on Ferrari car in 1932. Later, this Shield Logo was added a yellow background(yellow is the representative color of Modena, which is the birthplace of Enzo Ferrari). The other three colors are green, white and red(the colors of Italian tricolor flag). The original aesthetic design of Ferrari Scuderia Watch was appropriately reflected on its dial. The black dial is dealt by Ferrari white and yellow colors, which presented the connotation of the technology. Chronograph counters of Ferrari Scuderia Watch were covered by Titanium mask, its inspiration comes from the design of the dashboard on Ferrari car. As we know, the most important part of a watch is movement, which has Chinese, Japanese and Swiss grades. The watches of famous brands are generally Swiss Made, certainly, they use Swiss movements. A Replica Watch that also equips with a Swiss movement must be sold more than 1,000 yuan. Don’t be fooled by those scam dealers who deceive consumers with cheap Chinese movements at the price of Swiss Replicas. Most of A Grade Replica Watches use real Swiss ETA 2824, which is called “Yellow Movement”, this movement has a long history in Swiss watchmaking industry and works accurate with small error. A small tip for you: tap the glass face with your finger, Genuine Sapphire Crystal will give off a crisp sound.