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Luminor originally is a luminescent material, its main ingredient is Tritium. Panerai developed this material in 1949 and got a patent for this invention in Italy. The name of the Luminor series excatly originated in the name of this luminescent material. The first Panerai Luminor watch was made in early 1950, but it was merely provided to Italian naval forces, in 1993, Luminor was opened to the civil market. supplies various grades of Replica Panerai Luminor Watches, from Asian copies to High-End Replicas, the price also varies from hundred to several hundred dollars. High-End Replicas(also called Swiss Made Replica Watches in the replicas industry) generally use ETA 7750/7753 movements, not only mean better steel, fine polishing(very smooth polished edges to ensure good comfort) and fine PVD coating, but also chronograph like the original Panerai watches(run Sec@9). A small tip for you: don’t buy a watch from the website that doesn’t provide actual pictures(only one white-backgrounded picture for each watch).